An Invitation For You To Grow in Your Leadership & Ministry Next Year

Find others with similar passions but perhaps who don’t look like you, or sound like you. Find groups to grow, because combined you’ll make something beautiful and all the more glorious.

Rebekah “RJ” Johnson

Growing in Relationship

This is not a normal post. If any of them are really that normal anyway ;).

But this is an invitation.

I had debated building out a ministry section of my blog/website further down the road. But the problem is that people are asking me ministry questions NOW. And one of the many lessons I’ve learned from ministry is that not everything has to be perfect to get started.

So let’s get started.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences and workshops. Mostly on youth and family ministry. I am always encouraged and inspired. And of course there’s nothing greater to fan the flame of my faith than worshipping with thousands of others like me from all around the world.

But, there’s nothing like the often harsh reality of going home and doing the work that will actually make my ministry stronger, deeper, more efficient, more impactful, more loving, more ______________________…..

I’ve found that the most tangibly impactful moments to my ministry have not been the conferences of thousands, but the seemingly random moments in the most unconventional of places….

When my pastor drives me home from a youth ministry night and asks me directly what my plan is for the next six months..

When my mentor sits with me at her kitchen table and talks with me about my marriage.

When one of my professors pulls me aside to suggest that I pursue writing.

All of these moments happen in the context of small groups among people with whom I already share a relationship. These people continually push me to grow in my work and calling.

My Invitation…

I want to be someone that pushes you to grow in your work and calling. However, I don’t want to push you from a stage or a one time workshop. I want to work with you in the context of relationship.

I’ve been privately working with a number of church leaders over the last year from a few different contexts. They truly represent the Mosaic that is the Body of Christ. And I want a way to bring them, and others like them together, to learn from each other, while also providing individual coaching and mentoring.

Next year, starting in January, I am launching a six month Mosaic Ministry cohort, designed to help you grow in targeted areas of your leadership. Below are some of the basic areas I like to target based off of the needs of leaders I’ve worked with:

  • Your personal spiritual growth
  • The spiritual health of your family
  • Understanding your spiritual gifts and calling
  • Establishing habits and systems that help you practice your calling
  • Always bringing you back to prayer over your ministry
  • Creating tangible action plans based off the strengths and weaknesses of your ministry
  • Growing your confidence in teaching the Bible
  • Learning how you best can disciple those you serve and those under your leadership
  • How to work and play well with your team 🙂
  • The importance of youth and family ministry in your planning
  • ….and more based off each individual team and leader

The Logistics

Here’s what I want to do. These are the details of the invitation. I invite you to the Mosaic Ministry cohort.

Every month you’ll have:

  • An individual coaching session with me to talk about anything-ish (ish=related to your life and ministry). I also have permission to ask you about anything-ish (ish=what you want to talk about may not be what you actually NEED to talk about). This can be done in person or via video chat depending on location.
  • Depending on the needs and interest of the cohort, a personalized online topical workshop (Topics may include: the foundations of ministry, how to teach Scripture to high schoolers, etc) via. and online conference call/classroom where you can ask questions and interact with others in the cohort.
  • A personalized game plan of work for you to be focusing on within your life and ministry context.

Two times during the six month period you’ll get a scheduled opportunity to meet with your cohort for:

  • Fellowship (FOOD!), at my house or in a more central location
  • A Mastermind session for us to help each other with individual ministry questions
  • Depending on the needs and interests of the group, an in person mini workshop or practice/presentation session (i.e. practicing preaching the word, presentation of what we’re doing in ministry) with a chance for group discussion and feedback
  • Prayer over our ministries
  • A chance to learn from others in the Mosaic of the Church Body


  • People serving at any position or level of ministry within a church or faith-based organization are welcome to apply
  • Only about six people or less will be selected for the cohort in order to keep the experience extremely personal
  • If you are not selected, I will make an option for you for individual coaching and/or give you priority for the next cohort
  • Depending on those who show interest, only 1-2 individuals from each organization/Church will be selected, allowing the cohort to learn from different ministry contexts
  • After you submit your initial form of interest, I’ll contact you to get a better idea of how I can best serve you


  • Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled monthly starting the end of January (TBD) and run no later than mid-July of 2020.
  • Cohort online and team trainings/meet-ups are TBD depending on the group preferences

Cost, $600 Flat Rate Gets You:

  • 6 months of personal coaching (1/month)
  • 6 months of online group training (1/month)
  • 2 get togethers featuring master-mind sessions, and practical group work for your individual ministry
  • No monthly plan available, to keep you accountable for the full six months to the group! Think of it as paying for a course, only you’ll actually want to do the homework 🙂
  • The opportunity to help me publish my book – because that’s what this profit is going towards- more materials for you!

How to RSVP to My Invitation

If you have any interest at all in joining the cohort this upcoming January, or if you have any questions, please shoot me a message below. In the “message” portion of the form, please include the name of your ministry, your role, and how you would like to grow as a leader in the next year.

My Mosaic

Thanks for letting me take a pause in what have become our regular Mosaic posts! I encourage all of you that you are not alone in your life calling- so find others that are doing what you do! Find others with similar passions but perhaps who don’t look like you, or sound like you. Find groups to grow, because combined you’ll make something beautiful and all the more glorious.

Your Sis,


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