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A Blog by Rebekah “RJ” Johnson

Your life is more than just your job, your role in your family, your ethnicity, or the most obvious detail of your story. I’m and adopted, mixed race kid who loves Jesus with a special needs brother. There are many pieces to my identity that make up the mosaic of me. You’ll find many blog posts related to these elements of my family and my faith, but also tools for you, Mosaic People, to better recognize how every piece of YOUR story is meant to create something glorious.

Intrigued? Let’s start storytelling. Interact with the blog posts below, and be sure to subscribe to the Mosaic family with your email above.

The Intimacy Thing

In the last episode, I said, “If It’s not intimate, I don’t want it. I’ll talk about the intimacy thing next time.” By last episode, I mean the last blog post. This is next time. Recap complete. I’ve been pretty obsessed with the word “intimacy” for awhile now. I’m an introvert by nature yet I…

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If She’s Sleeping, I’m Writing

Hey Friends, So, in case you hadn’t heard, Curtis and I had a baby! Baby Victory is 7 months old now, and I have been a full time employee at Baby Victory Ministries. I earn employee of the month every month for the most Mama Milk produced. My goal within this ministry is to fit…

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