Welcome to Mosaic

Every piece of your story is present to create something glorious.

Rebekah “RJ” Johnson

Welcome to Mosaic!

My name is Rebekah. To help you out with attempts to spell my name, you can call me RJ, or Rebby, if you’re feeling extra silly.

This blog is inspired by a book I’m writing called “A Mosaic Story.” The book is about my wild story, made of many pieces. When you examine the pieces individually, I am an adopted, bi-racial, multicultural woman. I’m half Filipina, half Polish. I am a sister to an adopted brother from India who was born with special needs. I am a wife to my most amazing African American husband. I have served in White, Black, and Multi-Ethnic churches. All of these individual pieces make up one beautiful picture, one mosaic.

I suspect I’m not the only Mosaic Person out there, trying to sort out the many individual pieces of their identity.

This corner of the internet is just for you, oh multi-ethnic, adopted, mixed race, bi-racial, multi-cultural, blended, nontraditional, undefinable one.

This blog is for the families made by adoption, foster care, and the wild stories I have yet to hear.

This blog is for families with special needs.

This blog is for all the kids who have ever been asked “What are You?” because our skin is ambiguously colored.

This blog is for people who work with people like me, in whatever context, and you want to understand how to best love our stories.

This blog is for those who live the reality that defining terms like “adopted family” and “blended family” often go hand in hand. “Mixed” and “bi-racial” and “multi-cultural” often all coexist.

This blog is for people like me. We are superheroes whom understand the ways of the world because nations run through our veins. We possess the power to fly anywhere, but feel we have nowhere to land. There’s no one people we fully call “home”, thus we struggle to belong in the world that made us.

I don’t want you to struggle. I want you to soar.

This blog is a sacred space to share stories and life lessons with you, mosaic people. You are not alone. You can call this corner of the internet your own personal landing zone after a day of flying over our world’s skylines. In this blog, you will find the network of other heroes flying among you, equipped with their own stories. These stories will inspire and give you the tools to put your boots on the ground, walking confident in the Mosaic Person you are.

My upcoming goal is to share “A Mosaic Story” with you in book form. Pray for your girl as she learns realm of self-publishing! But my larger goal is to start conversations around our stories that will last well after that book is published.

So, let’s swap stories here on the Mosaic blog.

Welcome. I’m so glad to meet you, and show you My Mosaic Story.

With Love, RJ

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Mosaic

  1. Love this on so many levels! Thank you for sharing your story & for helping others feel more confident to be themselves. For people to embrace their story. You’re amazing! Let’s do this…

    Liked by 1 person

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