The 10 Post Praise Party!

Me with some of the First ladies I met in Riverside!
(Feat. one of my subscribers mentioned below ;))

You have something good to offer from your story. So invite others in. At least to the fun stuff, because everyone loves a party. As long as there’s food.

Rebekah “RJ” Johnson

Y’all, I made it to Post #10! Woot woot!

I know this might not seem amazing to seasoned bloggers, but I’m excited and have no shame celebrating even the smallest of milestones!

I think I’d like to establish a tradition that for every 10 posts, I thank some of my subscribers in some way. And there is a mosaic of people that make up the Mosaic Family.

My first subscriber is Berenice, whom I’ve only met once on one of my last winter days in Boston. It was a divine appointment that Berenice and her family had just moved from the Dominican Republic at the same time we were moving out of Boston. And through a mishap in Facebook Marketplace we met and prayed together in our sweet little apartment on Colonial Ave. Thanks Berenice for being the first one to follow the Mosaic story!

My parent are subscribers, and I’m OK if they’re the only ones that leave comments for now. Because not everyone has parents that cheer them on. So, I’ll always be thankful for my two person cheer squad in the corner. Thanks Mom and Dad for always commenting.

Madonna was my first subscriber from Riverside, CA, my new home. As well as one of the first people to invite ME into her life. She and her husband, Derek, exemplified just the kind of neighbor Curtis and I needed after our big cross country move. Thanks again Madonna for that invite to walk up Mt. Rubidoux.

My sis, Jenn E. is both a subscriber and my writing accountability partner. An amazing writer herself. A fellow Mosaic Woman of color. A fellow woman of faith. She is truly my sister in that if God is the Father, we are always running around in our foolishness, laughing away, and always finding ourselves caught by His grace. Thanks Jenn for covering me in prayer during this season of hills and valleys.

Then there’s Tristan, my cute zombie slayin’ world saving super-cook Mama. She and her Oklahoma man welcomed Curtis and I to Riverside by having a get together for other young adults at their house. A few convos about Anime and Marvel later the friendship was obvious. Thanks Tristan + Lark for opening up your home to our family!

To my subscribers and perhaps casual readers, I just want to let out a big “Thank You for following me on this journey!” It’s truly special to me that you’ve taken the time and given me the trust to email you every week. I’ll leave you with this…

My Mosaic

When I look across my subscriber list, they are people of many different ethnicities, backgrounds, and life stages. There are people I’ve known for a few months, and others I’ve known for years (Hey Mom and Dad!). There have been people who have opened up their hearts and home to me. They have shared pieces of their lives, and I’ve since adopted some of their pieces into the mosaic of my own life.

I invite you to look at your circle. Those around you. Those that follow you. Those that you would invite to a party at your house. Do all those people look like you? Are they all the same ethnicity as you? Do they all act like you? Do they have the same background? Same life stage? Same …..(fill in the blank)…. ?

There will always be people we naturally “click” with. But today, I invite you to live a Mosaic life full of many kinds of people because it adds so much richness, compassion, understanding, and immeasurable joy to our experiences! Start out just talking to people that don’t look like you or sound like you. Ask them questions. Tell them about yourself. Make a friend. Invite them to your dinner party. Throw a dinner party.

If not for yourself, do this for the Mosaic Woman like me. Because I don’t look like or sound like anybody. It’s a little hard for me to “click” with others because my mosaic has so many different pieces! My ethnicity, my story, my life is a wild one all on its own, and I appreciate those that have invited me to their dinner parties and made me a part of their mosaic.

Who needs to be a part of your mosaic? Who can you invite into your house, your home, your world….your party? I so appreciated after our big cross country move, the people that invited me into their world, with whatever piece they were willing to share- the parties, the walks, the adventures, and the meals.

You have something good to offer from your story. So invite others in. At least to the fun stuff, because everyone loves a party. As long as there’s food. So make sure there’s food. Preferably tacos, pizza, or burgers in my case.

And readers + subscribers, I’m thankful that you’ve joined MY Mosaic party. The fun has just begun. Let’ keep it rolling for at least another 10 posts.

Your Party Gal,


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